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Poverty-stricken Trump supporter feels ‘forgotten’: ‘A paycheck away from being homeless’ — Nova Magazine

Donald Trump promised to the American people that he is going to protect American jobs—and right after his election, he claimed to have made a massive deal with Carrier to prevent them sending workers to Mexico. But did he save the jobs? No


Congressman Brady Faces Primary Competition

Eleven-term congressman Bob Brady usually runs in the Democratic primary unopposed, but this year he is swamped with competition.

Five people have announced that they’ll challenge Brady, and there may be more.

Walmart Announces Increases to Starting Pay While Laying Off 11,000

Thursday, Walmart announced that they would be raising the minimum wage for starting employees to $11 an hour and would also give bonuses out to some members of their workforce. Then Walmart announced they had closed over 60 Sam’s Club laying off 11,000 employees without any notice