Friday, Pennsylvania State Representative Tarah Toohil (R-116) filed for and received a restraining order against fellow House member Representative Nick Miccarelli, (R-162) which prohibits Miccarelli from contacting her or being where she works. Miccarelli has been accused by Toohil and another woman of sexual assault in the years 2012 and 2014. Both women admit to having a relationship with Miccarelli but that when the relationship ended both women have stated Miccarelli stalked and harassed them. Both women have accused Miccarelli of rape.


According to the complaint that Toohil filed for protection, she stated that Miccarelli, “has threatened to kill me and kill himself before.” Toohil said in a statement Friday to the Inquirer and Daily News and the Caucus, “There were terrible moments that were nonconsensual at the hands of Rep. Miccarelli, and if I — as a lawyer and a lawmaker — could be this afraid of that individual, then I can only imagine how the other victims feel, which is why I am coming out publicly.”


Toohil has accused Miccarelli of pointing a gun at her head in 2012 and threatened a murder-suicide, and that on another occasion Miccarelli warned he would crash the car while speeding at 100 mph down a highway. The accusations have now opened a criminal investigation by the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office. Toohil’s lawyer, Terry Mutchler, the lawmaker sought the order because the House is set to reconvene on Monday and Toohil is fearful of returning to the Capitol when Miccarelli is there. The lawyer said Toohil told her she decided to publicly come forward because “as a public official, I believe that I have a duty to step forward to protect other women.”


Miccarelli has denied all accusations and with the actions of Toohil Friday to receive a restraining order. Miccarelli’s spokesman, Frank Keel released a statement saying that “It’s shameful that Toohil would make this move for a PFA without any notice to Nick or any opportunity for him to be heard. The allegations Toohil trumpeted to secure the PFA supposedly occurred six long years ago, yet she never decided to seek any legal relief until now?


“She knew Nick was recently married. It’s unconscionable that Toohil would abuse the PFA process in this way at this time, knowing the shame and embarrassment it would bring to Nick and his new family. The only minimal contact the two even have at this point in time is when they’re carrying out their official duties at the State House.




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