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The Upper Darby Police Department, each month, asks it’s members for their opinion on who they would like to see receive recognization for the honor of being named Officer of the Month. This past month the nominations for the award were,
Officer Kalle Blindenbacher
Officer Steven Cortese
Officer Riocard Russel
Officer Steven Russo

After reviewing the nominations, the committee has selected Officer Kalle Blindenbacher
as this month’s recipient.

On Tuesday, February 13th, Ofc. Blindenbacher was on patrol and observed a suspicious
occupied vehicle in the 500 block of 69th Street (IN #18-06031). Ofc. Blindenbacher stopped
to further inspect the vehicle and found it running with the driver asleep behind the wheel.
After awakening the operator, it was readily apparent he was intoxicated and taken into
custody for DUI. During an inventory of the vehicle, approximately three pounds of marijuana
was located in two large bundles in the vehicle. The operator was charged with the DUI and
narcotics offenses.

Ofc. Blindenbacher has been with our department for just about a year. He regularly works
the sector 1 assignment and proactively patrols his assignment. He comes to work each shift
well prepared and with a positive attitude. The aforementioned incident is just one example
of his work ethic and he should be commended for it.