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For all the news and naysayers that Upper Darby is a dying town, today good news came to the hometown of Jim Croce, Tina Fey and Todd Rundgren. Upper Darby Township has been named one of the safest towns or cities to live in the Commonewealth of Pennsylvania. According to, Upper Darby is 12th in Pennsylvania as a safe community.

According to Safe Homes, the use various methods of research to come to their conclusion, such as FBI databases and the census report. Safe Homes states that

“we look at several different factors when assigning a Safety Score to a city. First and foremost is the FBI’s latest report of how many and what types of crimes occurred in each city over a single year. The city’s crime trends are also considered; in other words, cities where crime is on the decline are given a higher Safety Score and vice-versa. We also look at the number of law enforcement officers compared to the population.

Finally, demographic metrics that are correlated to crime have a small impact on Safety Score. These include metrics such as population density, population trends, unemployment rate, median income, education level, etc.”

In recent years, Upper Darby Township has worked hard to bring business back to the 69th Street Shopping District and other areas of the township under Mayor Tom Micozzie. The police department, under Superintendent Michael Chitwood have stepped up their efforts to curtail the drug epidemic that has taken hold not only in the Upper Darby area but across the United States. The police department even set up a position within the police station for anyone who wants to ask for help to go to a drug rehabiltiation. Anyone who wants helps can walk in and get help immediately.

Upper Darby shares a border with Philadelphia and crime has spilled over from the city. Yet, Philadelphia has also made strides to improve crime statistics and that reflects in their new standing with Safe Homes but it is Upper Darby that is now ranked 12th.

The work of the Upper Darby Police Department, the elected leaders of the township should be applauded for their work to improve the quality of life for it’s residents. Click here on SafeHomes to connect to the link.

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