The fact checkers have been all over Donald Trump since before he officially announced his candidacy. The New York Times even has an entire online page that documents every “outright lie” he told since taking the oath of office. According to Politifact, nearly 60% of Trump’s statements fact-checked by the media organization have been some level of false.

Contrary to what some media commentators have suggested, Trump does not lie because he thinks people are stupid. He lies because he knows that it will strengthen his message. He also knows that his opponents are currently incapable of providing an effective counter to his lies. How does he know this? Because he has used this strategy to gain power in business, and is now applying it to politics. He knows that when he lies, the fact-checkers will do their job. Then his opponents will repeat his message while stating the “real” facts about his statement. What does this accomplish? His message based on core conservative values will be repeated and reinforced.

via Daily Dose: Why are Trump’s lies so effective – and efforts to counter them so ineffective? — Progressive Values Blog