Police Chief Robert Truskowski stated Thursday that Terrell D. Howell, 33, and Christine Lightford, 30, both 700 block of Grant Road had been arrested on drug charges all the while they had 4 children under their roof in ages from 4 to 11.  Chief Truskowski spoke of the of the living conditions for the children commenting “What a way to live.” There will be charges of related to the confiscation of heroin, marijuana and guns. Chief Truskowski said that one of the firearms were within reach of the children.

heroin needle

According to the Delaware Country Daily Times, the operation occurred shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday when members of the Folcroft Police Department and the Delaware County Drug Task Force went to the property to execute a search warrant at the couple’s residence on Grant Road, according to details provided in the probable cause affidavit, written by Folcroft Officer Thomas P. Kesser.


The arrests in Folcroft highlight the drug problem that has police departments across the county have been working to stop. In Upper Darby, police made arrests in a “major heroin distribution operation” that included the arrest of six people at Sunshine Road. Police were responsible for confiscating 182 bags of heroin, four loaded firearms and $1,200 cash. Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood stated about the bust, “our drug unit worked two days non-stop to come up with the probable cause to hit the house.” Chitwood also stated that “With all the overdoses we have been having over the last few days related to Bull Dog, this is the catalyst,” Chitwood said. “We had an idea this was where the Bull Dog was coming from.”


Heroin arrests have been increasing as the drug has grown in use over the past 2 years.  Reports show that there have been 4,642 drug deaths in 2016 in Pennsylvania and that us up from 3,377 in 2015, and 2,741 the year before. In Delaware county in 2016 there were 447 overdose deaths. The growing heroin problem is not exclusive to one town or county. As the problem continues to grow police departments will continue making arrests while children end up being caught in the resulting crisis.