HARRISBURG – Legislative language drafted by Reps. James R. Santora (R-Delaware) and Michael Driscoll (D-Philadelphia) to permit contractors to suspend their work if they are not paid per contract terms passed the House Commerce Committee unanimously today.

“We should not expect contractors to finish their jobs if they aren’t being compensated for their time and materials,” Santora said. “This bill would offer protection from incurring additional losses if a customer is not paying fairly and promptly.”

Under the bill, contractors and subcontractors would be able to stop working on a project if payment is not received per contract guidelines, at least 60 days have passed since the end of the billing period and seven calendars days’ notice was given of their intent to suspend work.

Currently, suspension of work is not included in the payment dispute remedies available for contractors and subcontractors.

“This bill levels the playing field for all subcontractors. I’m delighted with its bipartisan support,” Driscoll said.

The bill now advances to the full House for consideration.