Upper Darby Cops: Parents OD, Children Scream for Help

Wednesday, Upper Darby police faced the heroin epidemic head on with 5 different overdose cases with police having to administer Narcan. One case though, stuck out because it involved children who were left alone because the parents OD’d in their home. Neighbors heard the cries of a 1 year old and a 4-year-old and called the police.

When police arrived at the 7000 block of Greenwood Avenue, near Church Lane, around 8 p.m. they heard the children and went in for a well check. It was inside that the officer made the discovery that the two children were terrified because they could not wake Mommy and Daddy. Upper Darby Police Superintendent explained what happened next.

“Mommy and Daddy are up in the bathroom and they are sick,” the older child told police, according to Chitwood. Chitwood explained that the officer realized the parents were passed out in the bathroom but could not open the door because the ‘dad’ was wedged up against the door. Mom was slumped on the floor. Chitwood explained how the children were so crying and hanging onto the officer’s leg. Backup arrived and finally the door was pried opened. The parents, Sean Dolhancryk, 32 and Sandra Dicianno, 31 were transported to the hospital for treatment,

Found in the bathroom were three empty bags of heroin, seven full bags, and two hypodermic needles. The children were laced into the custody of Delaware County Children and Youth Services and then given to a relative for care. The parents were charged with possession of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, and other related offenses.

Chitwood spoke about the epidemic of heroin and the effects that it is happening on families and communities. “This is a perfect example of how the heroin epidemic destroys the family structure,” Chitwood said. “For them to have to grow up and see this is tragic. These kids don’t stand a chance in that type of environment.”

Chitwood also took a swing at those who sell the drug. He stated that he believes too many of these dealers get off too easily and that sentences need to be harsher. An example recently was that of the son of Pennsylvania representative Margo Davidson, Robert Davidson. Davidson had been arrested after police watched him make a hand to hand sell of heroin. Then acting on information that Davidson was recorded saying while incarcerated at George Hill Prison, a warrant was issued to search the property he spoke about. At the property police found 301 bags of heroin, 16 bags of cocaine, 18 vials of marijuana and, two vials of methamphetamine, more than $5,000 cash and a gun reported stolen from Springfield.

Yet, when it came time for a trial, Davidson pleaded down and ended up with less jail time than anyone would have expected. Davidson only had to do 6-23 months on a negotiated guilty plea with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office.

Chitwood said he believes that too many drug dealers his department has locked up are getting lenient sentences. “These people are selling death, and they get slaps on the wrists,” he said. “They need to start whacking them.”