There is a recent Pennsylvania poll demonstrating that buyers remorse is beginning to felt by some who voted for the republican President Donald Trump. He will always have his hard core supporters but outside of this group, those who voted for him are having second thoughts. There is a recent poll which supports this premise as well as a first hand account by a reporter who returned to the scene of a county which delivered a narrow victory for our president.

via Buyers’ Remorse Is Setting In For Some In PA Who Voted For The President — Gronda Morin

Let’s hope that this state of voters’ regrets is a true mirror of how Americans are feeling across the country. Today, 4/18/17, there is a Georgia special election taking place to fill the republican seat previously held by the current HHS Secretary Tom Price. The president won in this district by about 1%. If the highly qualified democratic contender Jon Ossoff prevails in this race, this will be a positive sign for democrats in the 2018 election cycle. He has served in the Georgia General Assembly. On 4/18, he can win the 6th district’s seat outright in the U.S. Congress if he wins by more than 50%. If he wins with a margin of less than 50%, he will have to run again against the republican nominee on June 20.

Image result for jon ossoff gayAs per a 2/23/17 CBS (News Radio 1020 KDKA),–”A new Franklin and Marshall College poll

shows less than one-third of all Pennsylvania voters approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing.”

“The Franklin and Marshall College poll shows only 32 percent of those surveyed think Trump is doing a “good” or “excellent” job.”

“Remember, the job performance of even Sen. [Bob] Casey is not good. The fact of the matter is that the voters – Democrats and Republicans – are pretty fed up with politics,” Poll Director Terry Madonna said.”

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