The stretch of tracks from the Fairhill section of Philadelphia to Kensington is known as “Camp Heroin.”

via Dr. Oz Visits Conrail Railroad Tracks To Highlight Nation’s Drug Epidemic — CBS


TV personality Dr. Oz brought his show to Philadelphia, conducting on-site interviews at one of the most notorious drug corridors in the country, along Conrail tracks, stretching from the Fairhill section to Kensington. It’s known as “Camp Heroin.”

The half-mile stretch is a sea of used syringes, trash, and rickety shelters, from 2nd Street and Indiana Avenue to Kensington Avenue. One of the users who frequents the spot, Steven Johnson, says the drug epidemic has plagued that neighborhood for decades.

“You can look at that pile right there. One million, two million needles,” Johnson said. “That’s a lot of people getting high.