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Thursday morning, Helen Rosenzweig eyes teared up as she viewed the damage to the Mt. Carmel Cemetery in the Wissinoming section of Philadelphia. She was looking over photos of the damage and tearfully asked, “How could this be happening again”?” What do you mean”, she was asked? “You understand this is how it started 60 years ago, how could it happen again?” Mrs. Rosenzweig and many other people of the Jewish faith are asking that same question over and over again as acts of anti-Semitism has increased in the United States.

In Tuesday’s address to the nation, President Trump stated that the “Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a Nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.” Many believe it was a statement that need is headed in the right direction but like Rosenzweig, they believe that President Trump needs to disavow those who are part of the alt-right that run news sites such as Breitbart and VDare who have endorsed the President.