Dear Mr. President,

First, let me say, I am a lifelong Republican and have supported Republicans my whole life. That is not to say I voted blindly and with that being said, I cannot, I will not support any more of your cabinet picks or any of your policies. I feel you have bamboozled, lied and manipulated the voters who pledged to you in November asking for change. You, Mr. President has lied to the public and for me that is a deal breaker.

You may ask yourself, Mr. President, why would you care about this woman who can be so easily replaced with someone who won’t ask questions or defy you? Because Mr. President I am not alone. Last night, your administration spoke volumes to the women of this country when your mouthpiece of a senator, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, had the nerve, had the audacity to censure Senator Elizabeth Warren as she spoke the words of the civil rights leader Coretta Scott King. You should be ashamed Mr. President, ashamed. You took to task a reporter who mistakenly said you had removed the bust of the great Martin Luther King Jr. from the Oval Office but Mr. President, your administration showed its true colors last night.


Women are not playthings or toys. We are not to be seated at a table as decoration or as many of your circle of friends, arm candy. We are people with voices as important as yours, Mr. President. You have no idea what you have done, do you Mr. President? You have unleashed a voice that will be heard and it will be so loud that it will leave your knees shaking and your ears ringing. We, the women of the United States, will no longer go sit down and be still. How dare you?

“She was warned,” said McConnell of Warren. “She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.” She was warned? She persisted?  Let me place this in language you will understand, Damn straight she did. She persisted, though. Yet, she wasn’t allowed to finish, another Senator did, a man. Is that the way it is in your administration? A woman’s voice will be stilled so that a man may use the same words? Who are you to do this to women? Yes, I understand, you didn’t actually tell Senator Warren to shut up, but you have given that perception that it is okay to do just that. Remember in 1992 when you said of women, “’You have to treat ’em like shit.” Or when Hillary Clinton got you angry and you called her a “nasty woman.” Watch out Mr. President,there are a lot of nasty women out here who are really quite angry over how they are being treated by your Senate, your Cabinet nominees and by you, yourself, Mr. President.


Now your true feelings of how women are to be treated have come to light, you have a serious problem, Mr. President. I am one of over a million, a million women, who are not going to take no for an answer anymore. You saw the start of our strength the day after your inauguration and believe me, Mr. President, that is the tip of the iceberg.

With every breath in my body, with every stroke of my pen, and with my vote, that is right my vote, I will be the obstacle in your way. I will be that voice that won’t be silenced. I will not allow my daughters, my sisters, and the women of this country to be put in any corner every again. Remember these words, Mr. President because you and the Republican henchmen of the Senate will be hearing them a lot. “She was warned, she was given an explanation, nevertheless, she persisted.” Women have persisted, women will persist and we will never give up.

Yours in persistence,

Agnes Lawless Bedard