Dress Like a W0man, You Bet!

It’s Friday afternoon, and Twitter is ablaze with Trumpisms. Women are shaming the President over a story that appeared in the Huffington Post which describes the working environment for women in the Trump White House. Trump, it is alleged, has told female staff, which if you look at cabinet appointees, there aren’t very many, must dress in a particular matter, they must “dress like a woman”. Wishing that it wasn’t true but knowing, yea, that’s how this President rolls, sent thousands and thousands of women screaming at the cell phone but then taking a breath, had them tweeting images of invincible women from all avenues of life, who dressed like a woman.

As the images and words scrolled on Twitter, it brought to mind a quote this week that the campaign whisperer, Kellyanne Conway had said when supposedly apologizing for her ensemble that she wore to the Inauguration. She wore a $3600 Gucci jacket which many women really didn’t like. Made her look like a little tin shoulder from colonial times. Instead of keeping her lips shut or making a cute quip she decided to attack the very people who elected her guy to the Presidency, the average Jill. Conway said she’s “sorry to offend the black-stretch-pants women of America with a little color.” Really, Kellyanne? Remember when you were telling us the Democrats were out of touch with the AVERAGE AMERCIAN? That they came off as Pretentious and Elitist? Well, Kellyanne, if the black stretch pants fits.

This week saw the policies of the Trump administration cause great disruption, protests and separation of families at the nation’s airports. As Trump detailed in an executive order Friday last, any incoming immigrants or refugees from 7 nations would not starting immediately not be admitted to the United States. As families were in flight to the US, immigration officials were busy figuring out what they were to do. What they did was separate children from parents, parents from children and even a few Christians were placed in holding or actually put back on planes to the countries they were escaping from. There was even a translator for our armed services that was held aside until lawyers stepped in to have him released to his family.

Thousands of people took to the streets, actually the airports to protest the immigration ban or as many saw it, a Muslim ban. For 3 days, people demonstrated to bring back a sense of sanity to an insane policy. The ACLU and others sued and received a stay for the executive order but according to Trump that wasn’t necessary. The President, in a delusional and all too often moment, stated that his “travel ban was “working out very nicely. You see it at the airports, you see it all over,” after still denying the immigration halt was a Muslim ban.

Through the week as more lawsuits we filed on behalf of those who needed to enter the US we were told that those affected were in the 100’s, about 100 or 200 people. Friday, at a hearing in Virginia, where the State was asking to join other states who were fighting the ban on civil rights violations or better yet, human rights, attorneys admitted that in fact 100,000 people had lost their ability to come into this country. gasp went out from the gallery and from the attorneys fighting for Virginia. A hundred thousand. Another oops for this new administration or an outright lie, which one is it this time. The very number, 100,000 is trending on Twitter. The mind just can’t wrap itself around that number 100,00.

So if you thought that Trump had drawn enough crazy with his orange crayon, well think again. Trump promised during his campaign he would have the respect of other nations, that he would make sure the US is not taken advantage of again and that safety would be restored. Yea, someone should tell the Donald’s big mouth that. The United States has many allies. We like to play nice with them. They have our back, and we have theirs. Apparently Trump doesn’t understand that policy. In phone calls to both Mexico and Australia, Trump decided to throw a hissy fit. What is crazier is how we found out. People inside Trump’s camp are leaking worse than the holes in his economic policy. Wait it gets worse, Trump Tweeted afterwards as if to explain his bizarre behavior which just made it even more bizarre.

First, Trump dismissed the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto from meeting with him because as Mexico has said all along, they are not paying for the wall that Trump ensures will somehow keep us safe.  Not to be outdone, Trump then decided to harass Australia’s Prime Minister over a deal, that was made by the Obama Administration, where the United States will take in 1500 refugees that Australia has been housing for about 2 years while being vetted. Guess what? Our commander and chief had no idea, none, that there was an international accord stating that the US agreed to this. How do you know? When Trump called the refugees illegal immigrants in a tweet, (what else?) and then decided to call the deal, dumb. What is wrong with this man? (Tweeting, “Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!)

The week just kept going like that. There wasn’t a day when Trump or one of his associates blurted, tweeted or just did something that left us going, What? Week two has more to digest and possibly throw up over. So here is to next week, do you think it can get any worse?