upper-darby-high-school-students-arrested-for-gunWednesday morning, two students were arrested as they tried to enter Upper Darby High School with a gun. The two students did not make it into the school as police and school officials were waiting for the two. According to various news agencies, authorities said school administrators were alerted that one of the students was bringing a gun to school, and officials met the student outside.

According to Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, the 12th-grade student brought the 9mm handgun in a box and tried to hand it off to an 11th-grader outside the building, police said. The students, both 17-year-old males, were taken into custody. One of the students was arrested previously for posting online threats against the Pope when he travelled to the Philadelphia area in 2015. That young man served his sentenced and was returned to school. Chitwood stated that the juvenile legal system let the community down when they allowed that student back into the school system.

In a post on Facebook from the Upper Darby Police Department said that “Thanks to the admin and police on scene, a weapon was confiscated today on UDHS grounds. No one injured. 2 in custody. News conference at 11.” Chitwood went on to detail what took place Wednesday morning. He stated that. “This morning the department has charged two individuals for weapons violation, drug violations.” Chitwood explained that working on a tip, a school security guard grabbed a student carrying a box as he arrived at school by bus which contained loaded 9-mm handgun and marijuana.

Chitwood also stated that, “We would like to thank the UDHS for their efforts and for constantly working with police to insure the safety of all students.” Continuing Chitwood said that “there are also a number of students that came forward with information and we thank them for their courage.” It is the hope that after seeing that the tip possibly saved lives and took a dangerous situation away from school.