Trump’s ill-conceived ban on Muslims traveling to the US is similar to actions of dictators, cowards, and thugs. Fear, combined with hysteria and arrested psychological development plus a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East, makes for these kinds of terrible and unjust policies. Such misguided acts will not keep us safe but instead will ensure the opposite effect.

via President Trump: ‘The Travel Ban Is Working Nicely.’ Ahem… — Eat Pray Vote

Can anyone who is suggesting the ban is a good idea so that we can “improve the vetting procedure” explain, in detail, what the current vetting procedure is? And, if so, can you also outline, again in detail, exactly what improvements should be made and how this administration plans on implementing those improvements? To those suggesting that our current system is “broken,” could you please educate me about the specific acts of “terrorism” committed by people, including refugees, from the countries named in Mr. Trump’s ban?