President Donald Trump  arrived in Philadelphia Thursday to address the Republican members of the House and Senate at their annual retreat. Trump was to address issues both Representative and Senators would be facing such as budget concerns and crime. The President spoke on how crimes such as murder is climbing every year in this country. Trump stated, “”Right now, too many families don’t feel secure. Just look at the 30 largest cities. In the last year alone the murder rate has increased by an estimated 14 percent.”


President Trump with Vice-President Pence address the Republican Retreat in Philadelphia where Trump wrongly accused the city of increasing murder rates

Trump then took a swing at the city that was hosting him and his fellow Republicans. “Here in Philadelphia, the murder rate has been steady – let me just – terribly increasing.” Once again, our new President stated a fact that wasn’t a fact, call it a, “alternative fact.” So what are the authentic fact or actual facts? Well for one, many would argue gun control could help with the amount of shooting deaths each year, but why digress.

The murder rate reached its peak in 1990 with 500 homicides. Since then, the rate has dropped with 2006 being high again at 406. Still decreasing though. Through the 2000’s the rate continued to drop with the year 2017 having 277. Needless to say, Philadelphians aren’t really happy with the slap down by the new President. Mayor Jim Kenney said of Trump false statements, “”insult to the men and women of the Philadelphia police force.”

Kenney didn’t stop at calling Trump’s remarks insults. Kenney continued and said, “Our homicides are, in fact, slowly declining, and while we are not satisfied with even our current numbers, we are handicapped by Republican refusal to enact any kind of common sense gun control and by their obsession with turning our police officers into ICE agents – which will prevent immigrants from coming forward to report crimes or provide critical witnesses statements that can put dangerous criminals behind bars.”

For other Philadelphians, it was proof that Trump speaks before he either thinks or even doing a bit of fact checking. Don Mitchell, longtime resident of Philadelphia and Upper Darby, said of Trump,” You can’t believe a thing out of his mouth. He just talks, does not know what he is talking about and now you got to ask yourself, how did this guy get elected?”