Women in the Millions Protest Around the World

Women took to the streets Saturday to tell those who either elected or appointed that they have not gone away. They came in the name of civil rights. They came in the equal rights. They came for their daughters, sisters and mothers. They came to cities near and far. They came forward to let those in power know, women’s rights are human rights. They came to be heard and heard they were. Crowds across America reached record numbers with women from all walks of life joining together for a common cause.

In Philadelphia, the crowds were double in size of what was originally estimated with 50,000 coming out for various reasons. Kayla Naughton and Amanda Koch were two such marchers in Philadelphia. Both are millenniums who know what it feels like to graduate in debt and to find work. They, along with their friends, Eric Bokano and Valarie Steinman     remarked they felt they had to be involved. Kayla Naughton stated the march was needed “Because the rights of myself and the majority of my fellow Americans are at stake. And the values of this great country stand on have been diminished by the new administration.”

The marches across the world were meant to unify women of different backgrounds that felt like President Trump targeted them during the recent presidential campaign, including women and racial and religious minorities, and had concerns about President Donald Trump’s agenda. In Washington D.C , Deb Ashmore marched with her two daughters. Ashmore shared her reasons why she marched,” I marched to show my daughters that just because we didn’t win the election, it doesn’t mean we have no more say in how we are governed. I marched because I do have a voice, and I deserve to be heard.

Ashmore continued as to why this march is so important, “I marched to let the new administration know that I will fight hard to make sure the rights that Americans had on January 19, 2017 will still be in place in the days and years to come. I marched because a bigot, a racist, a liar and a narcissist who bragged about doing horrible things to women was elected president and I will do everything I can to see that never happens again.”

According to several news sources, more than a million women showed up to march in Washington D.C Saturday. Millions more marched to state capitals and millions more across the world. Although the march in the U.S was a direct result of Donald Trump being elected, women across the continents rallied to show support for human rights. The fear and anger that women have felt was tackled and in masses, they called out that enough is enough. As Hillary Clinton declared, women’s rights are human rights. As Kayla Naughton said, “it is worth fighting for. We are worth fighting for.”