It started as an article that appeared on Facebook. The article from news site Last Line of Defense, states that, “Donald Trump’s accounting team has found a little-known scam about Obamacare that has made the Obama family millions of dollars that should belong to the taxpayer. According to the lead accountant at Howe, Dewey and DeWitt, Obama had a line item written into the law that gives his family a royalty for using their name.”  This article is completely false.

The article even makes a reference to the Three Stooges by naming the law firm that is handling the finances for the Obamas as Howe, Dewey and Dewitt. The name closely resembles the Stooges “law firm” of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe. How is it that people believed the unbelievable? Because they wanted to.

The article continues with this farce by saying that the spokesperson for the White House, Jules Dorant McMaddenfist (seriously that is the name they used) stated that, ‘The Lincoln family gets a cut every time the Gettysburg Address is re-published and the Kennedy family still owns the phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner” and that phrase paid for Ted Kennedy’s run for the Presidency. First of all, the name of the White House spokesman, is Josh Earnest, not McMaddenfist. Second, the Gettysburg Address has 5 handwritten copies with only one copy being privately owned. The question is, why do people believe this?

The website that produces so called news like this is Imagine the National Enquirer in the 1970’s and you have exactly what this site is like. Monday, their breaking news story is how Donald Trump got Alec Baldwin fired from Saturday Night Live. That also has not happened. Another little gem is “Charges Filed Against Meryl Streep for Soliciting Violence After Kids Throw Rocks at Trump.” Nope, once again completely false. The question once again is why do people believe this?

The site looks like a legit news site. It possesses all the mechanics of a news site you would see on Fox News or CNN. The trouble is, it isn’t real news. They are cashing in when one using google queries President Obama, Obamacare or Meryl Streep. Then that is one element that may sway people to believe this bunk. Another factor is the anger and the disgust people feel for a particular candidate. In this case, anyone who is a Democrat is fair game. The next factor in considering these stories is when it is passed on by a friend, mutual friend or posted to your Facebook page. You believe your friend, right? Well the story is just an extension of the trust you feel for that friend.

The other problem is that when one wants to see change in politics, want to see their candidate win, or want to have some information to give them a basis for how they feel, they eat up the false news stories. The stories back up why they feel the way they do. “See I must be right, here it is right here on the internet.” Well, folks, these stories and so many more are not true. They are being written to have you conform to their message. They are being written to make the writers money from Google, and they are writing the stories, just for kicks to see the United States continue on the path of divisive rhetoric which in turn will split the nation in half. Pretty much, they had accomplished their mission.

So if you are reading something outrageous like Hillary Clinton is involved in secret sex trade in a pizza shop or that President Obama is making millions on the word Obamacare, or that President’s mother in law is going to make millions in a pension from the US government, remember the stories are false. You can check by just doing a little fact checking on your own. Please do. The United States has their own problems; we don’t need foreign entities creating false news stories to increase the distance between Americans.