He called for a wall, but I said nothing


When he called for a wall to keep out the Mexicans, I said nothing because I am not Mexican

When he called for a ban of all Muslims to enter the country I said nothing because I am not Muslim

When he called out to make fun of the disabled I said nothing as I am not a disable

When he called an American hero, Senator John McCain a ‘loser’ and “he’s no hero”, but I wasn’t John McCain so I said nothing

When he said he could grab any woman by her private parts, I should have said something as I am a woman

When he was elected as our President, I said, “how can that be?”

It was because I said ‘Nothing’ and just let it be

Now, he is our President and he did it by any means because people like me didn’t say no, it won’t be

Now, he calls out an original “Freedom Rider” Rep. John Lewis hiding behind something called Twitter,  “All talk, talk, talk – no action or results.”

Rep. John Lewis, orignal Freedom Rider with his Presidential Medal of Freedom

I have to say something, this shouldn’t be, Lewis’s actions were to pave a way to racial harmony, yet while Lewis fought, this President Elect’s father was building a legacy  of denying housing to people of color

Now, I must speak out. This man is intolerant, ignorant and crass. He is not Presidential or one we can turn to look up to. What have I done by not speaking out?

It may be late, it may not matter to many, but the days of keeping my head low and not making waves are over that is for sure.

He will call us losers or a flunkys but it will not matter, we are Americans which means we are made up of all of those he has tried to torment

We are Mexicans and Muslims, we are women and the disabled, we are made of every continent and all blood lines

Our voices can not be silent, not anymore, so there won’t be a next time.

That is what makes America great.



  1. We will get a wall. We will build the wall. And the wall will work! If you don’t like it… well that’s too bad. If not try it out and sleep with your door open. That you won’t do right? Well the practice what you preach then we can get somewhere.

    • It’s already downgraded to a fence in many places, and WE will pay for the billion dollars boondoggle in higher taxes.

      You should also be proud of Comrade Drumpf and his job of draining that swamp… oh, oops, fail on that, too. He’s choosing Goldman Sachs execs, oil barons, and billionaires to take apart the government and bleed it dry, while they make more money and we pay more taxes for less amenities. Drain the swamp, my ass.

      When we are a Russia-led oligarchy and we have more crumbling infrastructure and higher taxes, while the billionaires pay none, I hope you realize how badly you screwed up. Of course, it’ll be too late, then. Good job, genius!

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