How Trump Won His First Press Conference as the President Elect


On Wednesday, the President Elect, Donald Trump, held his first press conference since winning the general election in November. There has been a lot of chatter regarding the President Elect’s dialogue in regard to the answers he gave to reporters. Trump dominated the press conference and here are the reasons why.


Members of the press may feel that it wasn’t a fair press conference as Trump demanded respectful questions and chose not to call on certain reporters. It can be argued that Trump is flying in the face of the Constitution but he held the news conference the way he wanted. He did not allow the press to leader of it. No, this was pure Trump and he knew how he wanted it to be. It was pure Trump. He is not the easiest person to cover. Trump does have a tenacity to jump around on subjects but we learned a whole lot from this press conference and that is exactly what Trump wanted.


Trump, in the matter of an hour, was able to take down the main stream media, give his nomination to head the Veteran’s Department, give an answer to how he will separate his companies from his job as President and announced the GOP will repeal Obamacare immediately. Do you think any other elected representative could have done that? No way!


Whether you hate or love Donald Trump, he will be our 45th President of the United States. He also has his own path and his own way of being the President. People may call him a bully but he is actually getting exactly what he wants. Trump doesn’t take any type, of what he may call, back talk. For instance, he said of his sons taking over the Trump business would get fired if they didn’t do a good job while he serves as President.


So, in his first press conference, Trump nailed it. He took the press to the wood shed and the mass public agree that the press deserves that type of treatment. There are a lot of conservatives nowadays who disbelieve unfavorable reporting of Trump simply because they don’t trust its source. Trump does come off as aggressive but in these time, people want that. They want a strong leader and Trump gave them that with this press conference. He is not eloquent, he does not give flowerily speeches and he does not speak in terms that go over one’s head. He cuts through the bull and gets to his point. That is exactly why, if it had been a contest, he won that first news conference.