via Anderson Cooper and Kellyanne Conway Argue Over “Fake News” Claim on CNN — 93.1 WZAK

Anderson Cooper is not a fan of Kellyanne Conway’s sunshiney spin habits. That much was obvious a few days before the election when he was probably thinking his fresh hell was almost over, and he asked her, “Don’t facts matter?” In the above clip, Cooper catches a perpetual grin (after 1:25) and nearly laughs due to Conway’s strenuous efforts to bash CNN (while visiting with CNN) and gets real: “What you think, and what is true are not necessarily the same thing.”

Naturally, the two mortal enemies were discussing the “golden showers” file released by Buzzfeed. Prior to the Internet exploding over those lurid details, CNN reported on the two-page addendum that only revealed how Russia had some “compromising” information against Trump.

The important distinction, of course, is that CNN chose not to publish the dossierbecause it was full of unverified claims. Trump either missed this fine point or ignored it while lashing out Jim Acosta and trashing CNN as “fake news.” Cooper soon discovered that Conway believed that CNN was just as culpable as Buzzfeed, and things grew ridiculous when Cooper asked Conway to tell him what was untrue about CNN’s report. She tried to change the subject, so he said, “You like to pivot,” which really set Conway off: