Tuesday January 31, 2017 5 Top Stories

president-trump-in-philadelphiaTuesday January 31, 2017 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day

1. Monday night, the Trump administration fired the acting Attorney General for the United States, Sally Yates, who announced earlier in the day, that the Justice Department would not oppose lawsuits against the President’s executive order that created a travel ban from seven Muslim led countries. Sean Spicer, Press Secretary for the White House stated if those who are working in the administration better get with the program or get going.



2. Tuesday morning, after the President fired the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the Democrats, refused to attend a committee vote on two of President Trump’s more controversial nominees, effectively delaying their consideration. The boycott affected Trump’s picks for the departments of Health and Human Services and Treasury and for attorney general. The Senate Finance Committee were to meet to vote on Steven T. Mnuchin’s nomination to serve as treasury secretary and Rep. Tom Price’s nomination to be secretary of health and human services but Democrats boycotted the meeting, forcing Republicans to reschedule both votes. President Trump has called on the Democrats to allow his choices for the cabinet to move forward but after Monday night’s firing of the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates who had been asked by the Trump administration to stay on after his election.

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Ohio community rallies in support of Muslim woman branded a ‘terrorist’

More than 300 people from Mason, a suburb of Cincinnati, and from across the state of Ohio came out in the cold amid falling snow to show solidarity with one of their own who was anonymously branded a terrorist. Rawd Saleh, a Muslim woman was the target of an anonymous smear campaign that alleged she was a terrorist. Saleh, 41, and her neighbors were shocked to discover flyers placed in their mailboxes and taped on front doors that read, “neighborhood terrorist warning,” and included a picture of Saleh and listed her home address. “As Americans, if we see suspicious activity, we should tell the authorities,” Saleh told ABC News of the unknown perpetrator behind the flyers. “I don’t see any other suspicion that this person could’ve had other than I wear hijab.”

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Trump Fires AG Yates for Not For Saying Travel Ban Was Indefensible, Act Harkens Back to Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre”

sally-yatesMonday, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates advised those lawyers in the Justice Department not to defend the multiple lawsuits that have been initiated calling for stoppage of President Donald Trump’s executive order banning travelers from 7 different countries that has been called countries with connections to terrorism. Monday evening, President Trump, believing that Yates was undermining his authority, fired her from her duties.

In standing with those who believe the travel ban to be unconstitutional, Yates, took a side against this administration. Trump issued a statement calling Yates basically an enemy to the administration, the statement said that Yates had “betrayed the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the United States.” There are many others, though, that say Yates did her constitutional duty in protecting Americans as she did when she took the oath at her confirmation hearing. Yates was not told of the executive order until it was actually issued without regard to the position of Attorney General.

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I know many people will have different opinions on what makes a movie the best picture of the year. I mean I never thought I would see something as wonderful and beautiful such as La La Land and I actually did. La La Land is my favorite movie of the year without a doubt but […]

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Local Expert Reacts To Trump’s National Security Council Shake-up

by Justin Udo PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local political expert weighs in on President Trump’s decision to remove the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the National Security Council. Instead of the Joint Chiefs and the Director of National Intelligence, President Trump’s Chief Strategist Steve Bannon will now be part of the National Security Council. “We do need an explanation and it is somewhat extraordinary to think that the Joint Chiefs will be excluded,” said Edward Turzanski, a senior fellow with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a right-leaning think tank.

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President Trump Lashes Out At Democrats For Delaying Cabinet Picks — CBS Philly

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his displeasure with not having his cabinet picks confirmed.President Donald Trump is lashing out at Democrats after the acting attorney general announced she would not defend his controversial immigration order.

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Trump in a tweet accuses Democrats of “delaying my cabinet picks for purely political reasons.” He says, “They have nothing going but to obstruct. Now have an Obama A.G.”

Former President Obama Releases First Statement Since Leaving the White House, Aimed at Trump


Monday, a spokesman for Former President Barrack Obama weighed in on the executive order signed by President Trump that banned travelers from 7 countries who are heavily Muslim. Since the order was issued, protests across the country have been occurring at international airports as refugees, green card holders, students, doctors and many more were turned back to their home country or detained by immigration. The protests have brought thousands of advocates for refugee rights who are calling the ban a ban on Muslims which is unconstitutional as it is bias based on religion.

Kevin Lewis issued the statement on behalf of Obama and stated that, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country. In his final official speech as president, he spoke about the important role of citizen and how all Americans have a responsibility to be the guardians of our democracy — not just during an election but every day.”

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