From USA Today

At least 9 dead, 70 hurt after blast rips fireworks market outside Mexico City

TULTEPEC, Mexico – At least nine people are dead and 70 injured after a blast ripped through Mexico’s best-known fireworks market north of the capital Tuesday, federal police say.Sirens wailed and a heavy scent of gunpowder lingered in the air after the afternoon blast at the market, where most of the fireworks stalls were completely leveled. The smoking, burned out shells of vehicles ringed the perimeter, and first responders and local residents who rushed to help combed through the ashes. Firefighters hosed down still-smoldering hotspots.The Mexican Red Cross said it sent 10 ambulances with 50 paramedics to the scene.Puente said some nearby homes were also damaged. The scene remained dangerous and he asked people not to come within 3 miles (5 kilometers) to avoid hampering the emergency response.