Just Accept It, Donald Trump is Our Next President


Monday, the members of the Electoral College will assemble in their state’s capital and win finish off the two-part system that the United States follows to ensure who will be the next President of the United States. It will be Donald J. Trump. For all those who want to blame the Russians, or the ballots or any other conspiracy theory that this man stole the election, GET OVER IT. Like it or not, Trump, who has never held any type of government position will be the official President Elect. On January 20th, he will be sworn in as President.


This past 18 months, since Donald Trump, rode down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, has shown the people of the United States who we really are. We are angry, we are divided, and we will most likely, continue to be such but it is time now, to unite. We the people, have had our say, whether it was for the President Elect or for any of those who came in 2nd, 3rd or worse. We have elected a President and well, for better or worse, it is Donald J. Trump. He is our next President.


To all those who are hurt, humbled or even angry, we feel your pain but we also say, pick yourself off, dust yourself off and work to accomplish your goals. There are times, in this world, you have to come and realize it is easier to fight from the inside than on the outside. We have 4 years to work on the problems that divide this country. Would you rather leave the problems and wait for the next Presidential election to resolve them? No, why do that? We can grow up and have mature discussions to create a better country.


Sure you can call people names, as has happened in the past, but what will that actually achieve? As a nation we have to repair the damage we created these past 18 months. We must call upon our President Elect to lead by example, to stop the name calling, stop the dangerous tweets and behave in a matter which behooves the office which he will hold. Release your tax returns and let the chips lay where they fall. President Elect Trump, do us all a favor, unite the country. Work with Democrats, liberals, conservatives and independents. Now Let’s Make America Great Again, together.