My Feeling of Being Safe Was Stolen When Trump Was Elected


I have heard from Trump supporters when I bother to discuss my sincere displeasure over Donald Trump’s winning the 2016 Presidential Election over Hillary Clinton. I have been called a whiner, that I am part of a generation that is used to getting trophies for any old thing and have been called names that no woman should be called. Then I ask myself, what did I expect when the man these people voted for spoke out loud of grabbing a woman by her private area because when “you’re a star they let you do it. “


Today I am supposed to simply sit back and let bygones be bygones. Are you F***ing kidding me? If a man, any ordinary man, was caught on video tape talking about sexually assaulting women the cops would have had him in for questioning. However, this guy got elected to the highest position of the United States, how is that possible? I just can’t understand how a threat against women was treated so blasé, as guys just being guys or locker room talk.  No, it wasn’t.  It was a disgusting man describing sexual abuse. Worse of all, other women came forward and supporters called the liars and worse. Why would any woman report sexual assault now?


For this reason alone, I can never support Donald Trump. It appears that is you only talk about assaulting women that doesn’t disqualify you from being President. So what the hell does? I want to yell, what is wrong with you all? This man who is so narcissistic that he dyes his hair the shade of Big Bird and turns his skin an awful orange is now the standard bearer for this great nation. Why, how could you vote for him?


This man has been married not twice, but 3 times with wife number 2 being the mistress from marriage number 1. Wife number 1 even accused this man of great virtue of raping and humiliating her. This man was elected even though, he bankrupted his company 4 times. This man was elected even though he settled a claim that he used racist practices in renting apartments his father built. Why did he become President? How?


Now I fear for the safety not only for my sex, but for other minorities as well. Over the weekend Trump supporters showed their true colors using the Nazi salute and repeating history with the shouting of Heil Trump. Heil to the people and Heil Victory. They say Trump denounces this behavior, but he has never said, Don’t vote for me, I do not support your racist rants or your racist views of this nation. Nope, he kept quiet and worked even harder to rile these people up to ensure a victory. He didn’t care if his victory was built on hatred. Not one bit. Instead, he tweeted fake news stories and even used the Star of David as propaganda. Yet, he won the election.


I may never feel safe in this country again. I pray that I will but if the last year is any indication I will not. Besides being a woman, I am also Jewish. I see those who use the Nazi salute as now being mainstream and not hiding in the shadows. I am appalled that you all voted for Donald Trump. I am appalled that women are attacking other women over the sexist rhetoric of this man whose lack of respect for women is inexcusable.


I know when I lay my head down every evening I do so with a clear conscience. I voted against bigotry. I voted against Anti-Semitism. I voted against sexism. I voted against Donald Trump. In a year, when Trump’s true colors show that the Alt-Right is just another name for Fascism, for bigotry and for being just another name for being a White Nationalist, will you be able to say the same thing? Will you be able to lay your head down each night with a clear conscience? Or will you be like those German citizens, who wonder how did it end up like this after WWII? Donald-Trump


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