The New King of Pay to Play, President Elect Donald Trump

The New King of Pay to Play, President Elect Donald Trump

To say President Elect Donald Trump has not played by the rules is an understatement. The entire Trump campaign was a big thumb nose at the establishment and the political rules that one usually follows. Now that Trump is about to be sworn in he hasn’t slowed down in this political choices and continues to baffle the pundits whose jobs look irrelevant now because they can’t predict what or who Trump will chose or do next. Trump continues, as he promised, to be unpredictable. But do all those who supported his campaign agree with the choices he has made?

Remember when Trump was speaking, what we thought was the truth because he wasn’t going to dilute his message by being “politically correct?” Trump called out “pay to play politics.” Trump said of his opponent for the Presidency Hillary Clinton that she was completely involved in a scheme to make as much money as possible while Secretary of State. Trump stated that Clinton had “a couple of very bad ones came out and it’s called pay-for-play and some of these were really, really bad — and illegal. If it’s true, it’s illegal. You’re paying and you’re getting things.”

What does that have to do with Trump’s appointments now? A lot. First, there was the announcement that Linda McMahon would be appointed to head the Small Business Administration. At first glance, not too bad. A woman who ran a man’s business, World Wrestling Entertainment as their CEO and helped to turn the business into an international billion-dollar enterprise. Great, right? Well, look a bit deeper. Linda and her husband, Vince McMahon have donated more money to the Trump Foundation than even Trump himself. Over the years they donated $5 million dollars. That is just the first problem.

As Donald Trump was campaigning to be President one of his proudest statements were that he couldn’t be bought and that his campaign was being funded by regular Joes, that he wasn’t beholden to big business. Well, not necessarily true. The McMahon’s funded Trump’s campaign to the tune of $6 million dollars. So the question is, how does Donald Trump define “pay to play.”

Another version of “pay to play” that Trump harped about was the ties to Wall Street that his rival Hillary Clinton had. He stated that Goldman Sachs had “total, total control” over Clinton. Odd thing though, Wall Street contributed at least $10 million to the joint Trump/Republican campaign fund. Low and behold, Trump wins the election and nominates former Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin to the powerful Cabinet position of the Treasury secretary. Goldman Sachs, are you kidding me? From everything Trump campaigned on Mnuchin should have been the last person he would put up. But that’s not all.

Rumor has that President Elect Trump is selecting yet another Goldman Sachs executive by the name of Gary Cohn to be in a position in the Treasury, Federal Reserve, or Office of Management and Budget. This choice also is a head scratcher as Trump ran his campaign of keeping jobs here in the good old U.S.A bu

Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump and Steven Mnuchin, the millionaire club or Trump’s cabinet choices


Trump is certainly being unpredictable. The nominations for such positions as the Head of the EPA and the Labor Department, are men whose careers have been fighting to turn back regulations to protect workers with overtime compensation, Andy Puzder, of fast food industry or actually suing the department they are now to head, Scott Pruitt, to the EPA. Seriously, this is the best Trump could find to create better lives for the working class, he promised to help, whom he promised to elevate and empower? A guy who is against a federal minimum wage or another who wouldn’t care if your kids chokes on smog?

There will be readers of this column who will assume that this is just another hit piece on Trump. That it is just more bull from the MSM. Well, you would be dead wrong. Everything that has been written here is the truth. They are facts that can’t be disputed or argued. This is not a fake news story like the “Pizzagate” story or the one where the warehouse full of bogus ballots filled out for Hillary Clinton. They are bogus news reports. This is not. The truth is that Donald Trump is becoming everything he campaigned against, a Wall Street crony only out for the fat cats not the working guy he promised to protect.


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