Tuesday, November 29th, 2016. 5 Top Stories to Start Your Day


  1. Overnight, Colombian authorities released a statement that detailed that 75 members of a Brazilian soccer team were killed in a plane crash Monday night in northwestern Colombia. There were 72 passengers and nine crewmembers on board, including members of Chapecoense, a Brazilian first division soccer team. The team was expected to play in the Copa Sudamerica finals against Atletico Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin. Three survivors, who were members of the team, have been pulled from the wreckage including Chapecoense defender Alan Ruschel, 27, Marcos Danilo Padilha and Jacson Ragnar Follmann.


  1. President Elect Donald Trump, who campaigned on the promise to replace and repeal Obamacare, has nominated Georgia congressman and outspoken Obama critic Tom Price to be secretary of health and human services. Trump said in making the announcement official early Tuesday that Price, “Chairman Price, a renowned physician, has earned a reputation for being a tireless problem solver and the go-to expert on healthcare policy, making him the ideal choice to serve in this capacity.”


  1. In Gatlinburg, Tennessee, wildfires threatened residents as a wildfire from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park spread rapidly into communities around it. The fire is continuing to grow and now threatened the Dollywood Amusement Park. The fire continued into Gratlinburg, scorching at least 30 buildings in the city, including a 16-story hotel and an apartment complex. Authorities issued evacuations from Gatlinburg and nearby areas, stating that “Nobody is allowed into the city at this time. If you are currently in Gatlinburg and are able to evacuate … evacuate immediately.”


  1. An attack on the campus of Ohio State that left 11 wounded by Somalian born Abdul Artan, 18 is being investigated as a possible terrorist act. Artan, shortly before the attack, left a Facebook post that in part read, “I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore.”


  1. According to MSNBC, President Elect Trump is “furious” at his former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, for publicly attacking Mitt Romney. Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, stated that, ““Trump’s top aides said they were ‘baffled’ by Conway’s comments, and suggested that it feeds into a growing concern inside the campaign that ‘instead of driving Donald Trump’s message.”