Friday, November 11th, 2016, 5 Top Stories to Start Your Weekend


  1. It was night two for protests across the nation as the “Not My President” groups continued to fight the election of Donald Trump as the new President Elect. Protests took place across the United States in cities such as Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Portland. In Portland, police describe the protesters as rioters who as thousands of protesters smashed windows, vandalized cars and set small fires into the early morning hours in the city. Pete Simpson, public information officer for the Portland Police Department described the demonstrators as confronting drivers, spray painting buildings and smashing electrical boxes with baseball bats, 29 people were arrested for various charges,


  1. It was announced that Leonard Cohen, Canadian singer, songwriter and poet, died at age 82, Cohen was known as the “the high priest of pathos” and the “godfather of gloom”. His song, “Hllelujah” took 15 years to be a hit, but ended up being the most re-recorded Cohen song. A memorial in Los Angeles will be announced in the coming days.


  1. In world news, Taliban fighters attacked the German consulate in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-I-Sharif, ramming its outer wall with a truck bomb before battling security forces in a late-night attack that killed at least 6 people. A NATO spokesman announced that a suicide bomber first attacked the consulate by blowing up an outside wall to the consulate then attacking those inside. The Taliban stated that their attack was in retaliation for NATO air strikes against a village near the northern city of Kunduz last week in which more than 30 people including children were killed.


  1. Reuters is reporting that, “U.S. Stock index futures fell sharply on Friday as investors tailored their portfolios to benefit from president-elect Donald Trump’s proposed policies.” Nasdaq futures continued to decline as futures were more pronounced in trade. Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Alphabet were off more than 1 percent in premarket trading, indicating that Thursday’s selloff in the technology sector was likely to continue.


  1. The first female campaign manager who won the Presidency, Kellyann Conway, has been offered a job with the new White House under President elect Donald Trump. Conway was the first to admit publicly that she has been offered a job in the Trump administration. She didn’t say what that job might be.