Will Complacency Settle in Philadelphia? — letsgoEAGLES

The Philadelphia Eagles have started out fast this 2016 season. They have been extremely impressive through the first three weeks as they have won all of their games by at least two touchdowns. Eagles just had their bye week this past week as the extra time allowed them to prepare for the matchup against the […]

via Will Complacency Settle in Philadelphia? — letsgoEAGLES


Can anybody tell me the last time the Eagles started off the season (3-0)? It happened rather recently when Chip Kelly was still coaching in Philadelphia back in 2014. Unfortunately for Philly Nation, the Eagles missed out on the playoffs due to losing three of their final four games of the regular season, and had to watch the playoffs on TV just like every other fan. Starting off hot is great, but SUSTAINABILITY is what separates the good ones from the legendary ones.

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With a rookie head coach and quarterback leading this squad, lets wait and see if Doug Pederson can continue to keep up the teams intensity for 13 more games. Pederson has done great work by coaching up his younger players, and developing full proof game plans for his players to execute. Let’s just hope the players are not satisfied with just a fast start, and hope they want a Super Bowl victory as much as the fans do.



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