‘Blair Witch Project’ star: From Upper Darby to pot farmer back to Hollywood Updated: SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 — 4:53 PM EDT

Just when she thought it was forgotten for good, there it was again, that infamous photo of Heather Donahue from the closing shots of her 1999 horror megahit The Blair Witch Project (read Gary Thompson’s review of the film).

“The image of my snot-nosed face is just indelible,” the Upper Darby native said in a phone interview. Donahue doesn’t act anymore. For awhile, she was growing weed.

The pic has cropped again all over the media in connection to the release of Blair Witch, a slick sequel that opened to mixed reviews and made $9.7 million over the weekend, coming in second in the box office charts after Sully’s $22 million

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