Good news for drivers who use I-95.

via Travel Restrictions On I-95 To End Soon After Closing Gavel At DNC — CBS Philly

Good news for drivers who use I-95.

Once the closing gavel is struck at the DNC, crews will begin lifting lane and vehicle restrictions on the region’s key traffic artery.

PennDOT’s Gene Blaum says they’ll have to wait for word from federal, state and local law enforcement officials before deploying road crews onto I-95 to take down the barriers and flashing signs.

“PennDOT staff is going to be on duty tonight into Friday morning, and as long as it takes into Friday to remove all the operational materials that are in place in order to re-open I-95 to those trucks and vehicles that weigh in excess of five tons.”

And that includes reopening the exit ramps at Broad Street which had been closed during the convention.

Because it was declared a “National Special Security Event” by the Department of Homeland security, officials ordered the I-95 restrictions.

State police traffic controls were set up to divert vehicles in excess of five tons off northbound I-95 at exit 13 near Philadelphia International Airport and at southbound I-95, exit 22 by the Vine Street, Route 676 interchange.