The Night before Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Convention


I wrote this little ditty while thinking about all the craziness we have seen this election year. The DNC is opening tomorrow in my hometown, Philly and even though the Democrats say their convention won’t have the drama of the Republican convention but it sure seems like it will be. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, has announced that she is stepping down due to the embarrassing email leaks that proved the scales were tipped in Hillary Clinton’s favor during the primary season.

Surprise, Surprise, Donald Trump is proved right when he said the system was rigged so that Bernie Sanders could not win. So this is my tribute to the Democratic Convention. Hope you enjoy.

Twas the night before Hillary Clinton’s Convention

Twas the night before the democrats were set to convene,

Where they were to pick their new Queen

All of Philly was a set for a rumble

As Bernie Supporters were all a grumble

As emails were uncovered

Which proved such a lie

That Debbie Wasserman Schultz could not deny

The election was rigged

As Trump the bigwig

Had said all along

Bernie was wronged

By the Democrats

And all their false stats

Now the Queen who had stated

It’s been too long, (More than 8 damn years)

This won’t go wrong

Then she exclaims,

I am the Queen

I proclaim,

And to all who say other

There is not another

As she drove out of sight,

She called to the night

Have a good time in Philly

Except for Slick Willy

The crown is all mine

You poor dumb swine




















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