RNC Opens, PA delegation wooed by Paul Ryan


The Republican National Convention officially kicked off Monday with what could be described as a family squabble that led to some delegates to walk out. It was the fading attempt by those who hoped to Stop Trump from taking the nomination. The last ditch effort, led by Colorado, was to ask to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the rules of the convention. The effort was to free the delegates to vote for their conscience and embarrass the Trump campaign.

The “Never Trump” coalition which was represented by social conservatives and those who had endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz, demanded the roll call but the petitions to do so had to be submitted by 6 other state delegates. Originally filed with 6 states, the petition quickly died when Trump staffers were able to have 3 of the states withdraw their names on the petition. Mike McMullen, a delegate representing the 12th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, said “ultimately the Never Trump delegates didn’t have the number to stop Trump.  So Trump it’s a done deal. Trump will get the nomination.”  Continuing McMullen said the “Never Trump movement is dead, it’ over. “


McMullen has been in the thick of things at the RNC as Pennsylvania is looking like a swing state that could deliver the Presidency to Trump. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan spoke to the Pennsylvania went so far as to tell the Pennsylvania delegates that ““Guess what? You could make the decision on this. You could decide this whole thing in Pennsylvania,” he declared. Ryan then said he admired the Pittsburg Steelers even though, he is a huge Green Bay Packers fan. McMullen from Pittsburgh, then threw Ryan a Steelers yellow terror towel. McMullen said, “I threw it to him.” Then Ryan to show how important Pennsylvania is to this election, picked up a Pittsburg Steelers terror towel, raised it proudly and said,” “I want to win this election so darn badly that I’m willing to do this.”

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason commented on Ryan speaking to his delegation, “Speaker Ryan is one of the most important conservative voices in Republican politics.” Gleason also said that.” Pennsylvania’s delegation is thrilled to kick off our Convention week with someone as highly respected and intelligent as Speaker Paul Ryan.”mike mcmullen2