It is the Philadelphia phenomenon television show that real Philadelphians actually laugh along with, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The show is back in town filming for their new season to premiere on FXX and for some a chance to see their favorite dysfunctional family, Danny DeVito, Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson and Glenn Howerton on a walk about the city’s streets. Friday, the show was filming downtown at 11th and Market. Even though the street was shut down for the filming, there were still some fans who found their way to get into the action such as when a Duck boat rode by with passengers waving to the actors.


The show originally aired in 2005 and no one would have guessed the success that the show would have. Offbeat and original the show is filming its 11th season and has been renewed until its 14th season. It was in season 2 that the show added the quintessential Danny DeVito as the father, Frank Reynolds, the legal father of twins Dennis and Sweet Dee. It was then the show became the cult favorite of so many. DeVito said of the effect of the show on his life as “These guys from Always Sunny have added so many years to my life,” continuing DeVito remarked, “What am I gonna do just sit on the porch and get bit by mosquitoes and wait for the ice cream man to come around?”


One reason for the success of the show as DeVito sees it, is the relationship between himself and his co-stars. For one he doesn’t act like his fellow actors as a father type figure. No, DeVito stated that, “I’m more like a combination of an instigator and a father but I like to think of myself as a brother,” he said. “Sometimes I let the father figure stuff go because I’m too excited about the craziness that we’re going to do and I allow myself to instigate really crazy things that we shouldn’t be doing.” The city of Philadelphia has taken quite a shine to DeVito’s Frank Reynolds. The Philadelphia Phillies had him throw the first pitch in a game against the San Francisco Giants which DeVito said he was proud and happy to do.






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