Review: Bally’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino, the Tale of Two Towers



When you go to Atlantic City, one of the great escapes is to stay on the famous boardwalk. Bally’s Hotel and Casino is situated beautifully on the boardwalk with rooms that share a view of the ocean and beach. Bally’s offers many pocketbook savings when you choose their hotel to stay at. There are food vouchers, gaming vouchers and parking discounts. There is even the availability of early check in so that you can enjoy the day on the beach or at Bally’s spa and pool. The charge of early check in is a mere $10 and certainly worth it.

As enjoyable as staying right on the boardwalk is, Bally’s does have a few drawbacks. A review of Bally’s Hotel could be called The Story of Two Towers, the Dennis Tower and Bally’s Tower. The rooms at Bally’s Towers are so far ahead of the Dennis Tower rooms it is as if you are staying at two different hotels. The Dennis Tower rooms are in the midst of remodeling and it can’t come too soon. The Dennis Tower rooms have a 1980’s cliché feel to them. An old entertainment center with the doors removed but not the hinges removed hold the TV. The furniture in the room has the look of bad IKEA furniture you had in your dorm when you went away to college. The worse part was the bathroom where the tub/shower combination was completely outdated and in need of a complete overhaul. In the corner of the tub, stood a rolled up rubber mat that just begged the question, “Am I paying for this??”

The Dennis Tower needs a complete upgrade. The hallways carpets look as though they have had water damage as the carpet had rolls and bulges throughout it. There was also an issue of cleanliness. The visit was marred by a stain that was large and obvious on the bed cover. There was trash in the hallway that had been stacked up by rooms but there was also trash overflowing in a trashcan by the elevator. Noise was also an issue in the Dennis Tower as the rooms did not prevent you from hearing what you next door neighbor was up to.

If you are lucky enough or can ask for, get a room at the Bally’s Tower. What a huge difference! The rooms are newer, cleaner, have a better view, and are some of the best that Atlantic City has to offer. The Water Club at the Borgata though, still has the best rooms in the city but Bally’s Tower rooms are running a very close second. The bathrooms have been updated to include a Jacuzzi tub, separate shower and a large countertop with sinks. The Bally’s Tower rooms were gorgeous and just better. The hallway carpets were beautifully installed, the furniture in the room was modern and the beds were so comfortable. Although many hotels offer two queen size beds, Bally’s offers 2 full size beds but it was not a problem. In another room, that featured a king size bed, the bed was beautifully made, clean, (no stains) and luxurious. The ocean view that came with the room with Bally’s Tower was worth the price alone.

So if you are staying at Bally’s in Atlantic City, ask for a room in the Bally’s Tower. If the room is free, sure take the room in the Dennis Tower but remember the room in the Dennis Tower is not the best Bally’s has to offer and don’t we all deserve to the best that a hotel has to offer?