The Irish Pub Atlantic City is a Shore Bet

The Irish Pub Atlantic City Menu

Just couple of the offerings at the Irish Pub Atlantic City, Fish and Chips, and Hot Wings

There are those that say the grand days of Atlantic City are behind the sea side resort. One treasured establishment has seen the up and downs of the glory of Atlantic City and it’s not only still standing but getting better with age. The Irish Pub of Atlantic City, located at St. James Place and Boardwalk, can be described as the heart of Atlantic City and a must visit for anyone visiting this city resort.

Want to know the secret of finding a real gem to have a drink and a good meal at? Follow the locals, they will not lead you astray. The Irish Pub is that perfect blend of locals and visitors who are made to feel right at home on any given day or night. The Irish Pub is regarded so highly by the local crowd and they couldn’t be more right. Atlantic City may offer 5 star restaurants with prices to match but for a real Atlantic City experience you have to eat and drink at the Irish Pub.

On Thursday night, the bar is more than half full with locals whose friendly banter with employees give a welcoming arrival to visitors. Each night, there are two different dinner specials as there are two different lunch specials. What makes the Irish Pub heads above the other restaurants in the areas, is the quality of the food and the wonderful ridiculous low prices. Appetizers are your standard pub food but don’t be afraid to ask for something special. We asked for a special request and we could not have been happier. A mass of cheese fries covered in bacon bits. The bacon was hardly bits, the fries were served topped with cheddar and topped with bacon that would have made any bacon aficionado proud.

This particular night the special was an open faced hot roast pork sandwich served with garlic mashed potatoes and applesauce. The sandwich was more than expected. Beautiful sliced pork in a rich gravy that was sublime. The garlic mashed potatoes were the perfect side with the pork as the gravy did double duty on the potatoes. The Pub Burger was another home run that received raves from diners both visitors and locals. Recently, at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub the burger was rated as lackluster and overpriced. The Irish Pub though, gets it right in a big way. The fresh burger was grilled to perfection and served with lettuce, tomato and onion and your choice of side. This is a burger worth travelling for. Truly delicious and top marks for being fresh not frozen. The cost of our meal for 2 with app, less than $40 including tip. Our server, though, I misplaced her name, was top notch. Friendly, quick and personable, the perfect combination for anyone who deals with the public.

Of course a visit to the Irish Pub would not be completer without checking out the history of this mainstay which was first founded in the 19th century. The Irish Pub though was first constructed in 1903 as the Elwood Hotel, the Victorian-style inn and restaurant was an infamous speakeasy during Prohibition. Then according to the Irish Pub website, was “founded in 1972 by Richard and Cathy Burke, the Irish Pub is known for its award-winning taverns and restaurants which deliver a consistently
authentic and fun entertainment experience and are staffed by friendly and well-trained employees.” The interior of the Pub is filled with photos and images of days gone by in Atlantic City. Just take a moment to look around and you will find something that can be the start of a lively conversation on the history of Atlantic City or the Pub’s famous visitors such as Joe DiMaggio, who used to frequent the bar and stay at the upstairs inn.

If you are in the Atlantic City area looking for a restaurant that won’t kill your pocketbook and a welcoming, homey restaurant, run don’t walk to the Irish Pub of Atlantic City. You will not be disappointed.