Donald Trump promised to deliver a anti-Hillary speech on June 13th. In the wake of the horrible Massacre in Orlando, FL. Trump showed a lot of class and postponed this speech giving the grieving families and the Orlando community a chance to recover from this strategy. Hillary? It was business as usual. In fact, she […]

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But today was a different story. Trump delivered the speech that he he promised totally destroying Hillary, point by point, incident by incident. Even the never Trumpers loved the speech and his even his severest critics loved what they heard.

Trump also told us what his first 100 days in office will look like when/if he wins.

Some  highlights:

“Hillary is a world class liar!”

Trump accused Hillary of bribery, treason and more. He also blew a huge hole through Hillary’s horrible self centered motto: “I’m with her”  Trump’s response,

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