via Anti-Donald Trump Forces Gear Up For Third-Party Challenge — thepoliticsview: have your say

According to the Huffington post, presumptive US Republican candidate Donald Trump is now going to be challenged by top republication strategists, in a third-party presidential run for the republican spot.

Huffington Post states: ”Top Republican strategists this past week have stepped up a frantic effort to lay the groundwork for a third-party presidential run, even as elected officials within the party begin to make their peace with Donald Trump.”

Furthermore, ”Talk of a third-party run has been percolating for weeks, if not months — the volume of it directly correlated to the likelihood of a Trump victory — with the idea being that such a bid could deny both Trump and Hillary Clinton the 270 electoral college votes needed to win (a real long shot) and/or bring Republican voters disaffected by Trump’s candidacy out to the polls (more feasible)”

What’s your views of the US presidential race? 

Is this too much of a long shot? Will it have any impact on Trumps hopeful path to the presidential election winner? Who do you think will win overall?