Hillary Clinton Collects The Harshest Republican Slams Against Donald Trump In One Ad — UPROXX


She’s hitting the ground running against presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

via Hillary Clinton Collects The Harshest Republican Slams Against Donald Trump In One Ad — UPROXX

As if on cue, Hillary Clinton comes down hard on Donald Trump as soon as he becomes the presumptive GOP nominee. Clinton’s new campaign spot, which is really an anti-Trump ad, was likely in the works long before the Indiana primary.Yet her video team — who delights in Trump’s claim of being a “unifier” — pointedly included Ted Cruz’s “pathological liar” comments that happened on primary day. Cruz was probably the angriest he’d ever been while defending his father, who Trump tried to link to JFK’s assassination. Those comments keep viewers thinking about the present, and this entire ad functions as a “best of” collection of Republican criticism of their frontrunner.

The entire montage is a trip down memory lane for Trump watchers. His critics will enjoy reliving everything from Marco Rubio’s “con man” comments to Jeb Bush’s disses to Mitt Romney’s warnings, and this video has them all. For extra fun, Trump’s own moments of shame, including his “impression” of a disabled reporter, are heavily featured. His actions and words function as an equally effective tool against him from a Clinton voter perspective. However, it’s apparent that Trump’s antics didn’t have much of an effect on his primary successes. And for anyone who’s made up their mind about him — like him or not — this ad is simply entertaining. Much like the man himself.


  1. LOL….poor Hillary, the woman’s champion….does she know that Trump was for equal and greater pay for women back in the 1980’s….He also has more women in executive positions making the same or greater than many men than most corporations in America…..#Trump2016….the more she trashes Trump the greater his support grows, would have thought the GOP/RNC attempt would have taught her that….

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