For Pennsylvania State Representative, 164th Legislative District, there are two Democrats vying for the chance to run against the unopposed Republican candidate, Inder Bains. The incumbent, Margo Davidson, is facing a challenge from Upper Darby Councilwoman Dr. Sekela Coles. Representative Davidson has served the community since 2010. Representative Davidson has worked on various projects to answer the needs of Upper Darby residents. In recent months, Davidson supported the medical marijuana bill which just became law, helped to bring senior citizen housing to the former St. Alice Church in Upper Darby not far from the 69th Street corridor, and helped in bringing needed changes to the 69th Transportation Center. Unfortunately, what good Davidson has done for the community is overshadowed by unethical and possibly illegal actions. These actions can not be downplayed and can not be ignored. For example, there have been multiple charges of ghost voting, which is when a vote is registered in Harrisburg as being cast by Davidson when in fact she was not there to cast it. Then there is the problem of accepting PAC money from organizations whose only goals are, is to place charter schools in Upper Darby. In multiple surveys, parents and residents, have indicated they are not in favor of charter schools in Upper Darby, yet Davidson continues to accept their donations.


For these reasons, and others, the Upper Darby Sentinel News endorses Dr. Sekela Coles for the democratic nomination for the 164th legislative district. Dr. Coles is a breath of fresh air for the Democratic Party and will best serve the needs of her community.  Dr. Coles has already served the residents in her capacity as Councilwoman by helping to organize a domestic violence workshop, she helped to organize a township wide food bank food drive and has served on Governor Wolf’s transition committee on drug and alcohol, a problem that her experience could help our community in the midst of the heroin epidemic. Another asset to Dr. Coles’ impressive resume is the fact that she does have a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. Dr. Coles has also spoke out about the need for equal education for children and that she has taken a pledge not to take one penny from any political action group whose goals are to implement charter schools in Upper Darby. When it comes to politics, there is always the danger of the unknown but in this primary the danger is what residents already have. Mrs. Davidson’s unpaid tax bills, accepting donations from PAC’s for charter schools and the charges of “ghost voting” are just not acceptable. Dr. Coles will be a welcomed change for the residents of the 164th district.