Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_cropFor President, Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. There is one obvious reason for the choice of Clinton as the Democratic nominee and that is experience. Yes, there is some baggage related to the email snafus but she as served this nation as not only as a First Lady who helped to change the image of what a First Lady can be, then there was her service as the Senator from New York and of course as Secretary of State. There isn’t really a candidate who has such varied and valuable experience. Senator Bernie Sanders, (D-VT) has brought up many good points when it comes to campaign finance, big banks and the top 1%ers continuing to increasing their wealth while the middle class feels the weight of increased difficulties with trying to make end meets, but his plans on how to create a fairer distribution of wealth on that and her experience on international issues the Upper Darby Sentinel News endorses former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


Donald-TrumpFor President, Republican nominee, Donald Trump. This has been a real toss up with the Republican nominees. The endorsement of Donald Trump is done for one main reason, the fact that he has been the number one vote getter for any of the Republicans who have and are running for the nomination. Yes, he has made some gaffes. Yes, he needs to think before speaking everything on his mind but what he has done in the world of politics is not seen often enough, excitement. No, he won’t be able to have a wall built but he is right that our borders need better securement. Although, Trump has raised eyebrows calling for the end of NATO, he did point out the fact that the United States pays 75% of NATO’s costs. The elimination is not in the best interest of the United States but having other nations pay their fair share for the security that the United States brings to NATO is the right thing to do. For these reasons and for the voice of the people, the Upper Darby Sentinel News endorses Donald Trump.


Joe Sestak,

For Senator, Democratic nominee, Joe Sestak. Sestak is a former Navy admiral who first served the Delaware County as a Congressman. Sestak has the experience to help our area and to serve the needs of Pennsylvania. Due to his experience as an Admiral, Sestak has a better grasp of international policies than his opponents. Another quality of Sestak is that he is not endorsed by the Democratic Party. His opponent Katie McGinty is. Sestak plays by his own rules. He does not toe the line and yet his sensibilities are Democratic. For these reasons, the Upper Darby Sentinel endorses Joe Sestak for Senate.


Pat_Toomey,_Official_Portrait,_112th_Congress For Senator, Republican nominee, Senator Pat Toomey. Toomey has been an efficient, if not outstanding, advocate for the Delaware County area. One such project was keeping jobs at the former ConocoPhillips which then became the Delta Air Lines refinery which helped to create 380 permanent jobs while saving 400 jobs. Toomey helped to save jobs at throughout the area helping to secure state grants and federal financing to stabilize the region when refinery and manufacturing jobs threatened to leave the region. Toomey has worked across aisle and has earned his Senate seat. He also went against other Republicans by meeting with President Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland even though he did not want confirmation hearings until the next President is elected. His reasoning, flawed as the people did elect the President, and it was Obama whether the Republicans like it or not. For these reasons the Upper Darby Sentinel endorses Senator Pat Toomey.