via Trump and Clinton Will Win New York By Large Margins — The Young Independent

On April 19th the citizens of New York will take to the polls and cast their vote for who they believe should be our next President.

Republican Primary:

Out of 22,346 likely voters from polls taken from April 4th until April 14th, Donald Trump is winning by almost 30 points.

  1. Donald Trump, 51.5%
  2. John Kasich, 23.3%
  3. Ted Cruz, 17.3%
  4. Undecided, 7.9%

Seeing as though Donald Trump is in his home state of New York and the front-runner, it is not surprising at all to see Donald Trump up by such a wide margin.

Democratic Primary:

Out of 4,642 Likely Voters in the Democratic Primary, Hillary Clinton holds a double-digit lead over Senator Sanders.

  1. Hillary Clinton, 53%
  2. Bernie Sanders, 39.6%
  3. Undecided, 7.4%

The primary in New York has caused a lot of the rhetoric to change in the Democratic race, especially that from Bernie Sanders. We shall see if a change in rhetoric will be enough to pull out a victory against Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.