New CBS News Poll: Trump Holds Double-Digit Lead Nationwide

Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reacts as he speaks at a campaign stop Wednesday, March 30, 2016, in Appleton, Wis. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

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Thursday, a new polls released by CBS News, shows that Donald Trump still holds a large lead over his nearest competition Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). According to the poll, Trump still has a double digit lead over Cruz but there has been a shift with Trump losing a bit of his large lead over Cruz. Now, 42 percent of Republican primary voters nationally would like to see Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee, while 29 percent support Ted Cruz, and 18 percent back John Kasich. It was only last month that Trump’s lead over Cruz was 20 points, but now it’s dropped to 13 points.


The poll shows details as to whom is supporting Trump. Trump leads among men, with 44 percent, compared to 31 percent for Cruz and 18 percent for Kasich. He also leads among women, 44 percent, to 29 percent for Cruz and 19 percent for Kasich. Republicans, independents, white evangelicals, and non-college graduates also prefer Trump. The poll also reveals that if Governor John Kasich were to drop out and the choice was between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, Trump would still lead by 10 percentage points, 48 percent to 38 percent.


The polls also looked at how Republicans feel about Trump running as a third party candidate. The polls show that if there is a contested convention, 63 percent of Trump supporters say he should run as an independent or third-party candidate if he earns more delegates than the other candidates but does not become the party’s nominee. The poll also revealed that among Republican primary voters overall, a third thinks in that case, he should run independently.


According to the poll results, that if the Republican candidates do not receive a majority of their party’s delegates by the GOP convention in July, 63 percent of Republican primary voters think it would be bad for the party, including 80 percent of Trump supporters and half of those supporting either Cruz or Kasich. Trump is also seen as the candidate most likely to get things done once he gets to Washington with over half of those surveyed, 52 percent, choose Trump on this measure, while 25 percent choose Cruz and 17 percent say Kasich. Republican voters also think, seven in ten, Trump says what he believes.