septa trolly

Septa police and police in Springfield, Delaware County are searching for a passenger on the 105 trolley line who assaulted. The attacked occurred aboard the trolley last Thursday night around 10:30 p.m. near the Springfield Mall stop. Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect. The surveillance video shows how the passenger suddenly attacked the driver, who was not seriously hurt and then the suspects exits the trolley, running up a nearby ramp.

Springfield Township Detective James Devaney said of the suspect that “after he slept through his stop, he wanted to get off in the middle of the road,” when the driver told him he could not stop until the next actual stop, the driver then, “told him he could get off at the next approved stop.” It was then the suspect punched the driver in the face.

SEPTA Police Captain Daryl Jones said of the attack, “The average person would just simply say ‘hey I slept through my stop, I’ll cross the street and get on the next trolley going back.” Continuing Captain Jones said, “Instead they get irate and every once in a blue moon, they assault our operators.” The captain added that although he’s still on the loose, the suspect was caught on camera and with nearly 100 percent video surveillance on its vehicles, anyone assaulting an employee will be spotted and eventually apprehended. “If our operators are assaulted verbally or physically, we take this very seriously,” Captain Jones emphasized.

Springfield Police ask anyone with information to call them at 610-544-5503.