Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday called on Ohio Governor John Kasich to drop out of the GOP nominating contest. On Sunday, Trump, coming off a particular bad week for his campaign, stated that with Governor John Kasich still in the race for the Republican nomination, votes that could be going to the Trump campaign are being siphoned off to Kasich. Trump said that Kasich needs to drop out because “he’s taking my votes. He’s not taking Cruz’s votes. He’s taking my votes.” For supporters of the Governor, that is exactly what they want Kasich to do.

Trump continued speaking about the Kasich campaign while visiting Milwaukee by saying that “All he’s doing is just, he goes from place to place, and loses, and he keeps running. Well, why doesn’t Marco Rubio do that? Why doesn’t Jeb Bush do that? Why didn’t all of them do that?” Continuing he said of Kasich, ““Now if he wants to go and have his name put in nomination in the convention, he can do that. He doesn’t have to run and take my votes.”

Trump did talk about the week he wishes would go away. Last week, Trump was caught off guard on the question of abortion, watched as his campaign manager was cited for simple assault against reporter Michelle Fields and saw some polls which showed his campaign losing steam. Trump did acknowledge that some of controversies of last week “might” cost him votes, but he remained confident that he could win in Wisconsin. Recent polls show that Senator Ted Cruz has a significant lead there. Recent polls have shown that Trump is trailing Cruz by double digit margins, including a Marquette Law School poll that showed him with 30 percent support to Cruz’s 40 percent.

Trump said that even though he is behind in the polls, that it is due to the media pressing for the establishment candidates. “Despite all of these negative ads, and you know the negative media, because the media, look, the media would like to see establishment get in for whatever reason,” Trump said during a news conference Sunday. “The media would like to see establishment. Despite all of that, I’m just about leading in Wisconsin. I think we could have a very good turnout.”

The Kasich campaign responded with a statement Sunday evening, dismissing Trump’s criticism and asserting that they do not believe Trump will be able to secure enough delegates to win the nomination. “It also shows that Trump knows that his toughest competition after Wisconsin is John Kasich,” Kasich spokesman Chris Schrimpf said.