Even if it’s not always referred to by name, almost everyone who has ever watched a film or television show, or read a book, is aware of the “hero’s journey.” Within the context of pop culture, heroes like Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins or Luke Skywalker follow the steps within this narrative pattern from beginning […]

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Carol’s (Melissa McBride) arc in The Walking Dead is one of the most interesting “hero’s journey” developments on the series. She began the series timid, afraid, and meek, and has since evolved into a character who has hardened herself to the world. Carol is not cold – she still maintains emotional connections with others – but she is logical.

Characters generally move from a place of emotional distance to a place of warmth and gentleness throughout the hero’s journey. Carol, on the other hand, moves from places of fear to places of power. She is cunning, utilizing the perception of herself by others in order to gain the upper hand against them. While a lot of the traditional hero’s journey is spent learning how to rely on others, Carol transitions from relying on others and allowing them to manipulate her, to relying on herself.