Upper Darby police hit drug sale houses selling drugs

In the past two weeks two homes in my immediate neighborhood have been raided for drugs. The homes were at 115 N. Madison Ave, Upper Darby and 112 Westdale Road, were both raided by the Upper Darby Police Department and the Delaware County Drug Task Force in an attempt to take down those who are poisoning our neighborhoods and bringing in new threats of crime with the sales of illegal drugs at these properties. This is not a problem that only affects Upper Darby although, these two homes were within walking distance of two elementary schools.


John McGinnis, 51, and Marc Danielson, 43, who lived in the house at 115 N. Madison Street were arrested and were in jail in Delaware County on $75,000 cash bail and $50,000 cash bail, respectively, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said Monday. The home had been reported by neighbors for its possible drug activity. Chitwood said, “We brought informants in, and we made undercover buys,” Chitwood said. “We were able to get enough probable cause to get a search warrant, and, with the Delaware County Drug Task Force, we hit the house at 6 a.m. Friday.”


Chitwood said that “It was a lot of drugs being sold out of this location and destroying the quality of the neighborhood.” So there it is, a lot of drugs, quality of life and homes in our own neighborhood being used to poison and create an addict who will keep coming back for more.  There is the increase risk of thefts, robberies, and assaults when this monster is allowed to grow in our back yards.  How do we stop this misery from taking root in our communities? By doing exactly what these neighbors did and what my neighbors did. See it, report it and keep reporting it. Don’t make the one phone call and figure, well, I did my job. NO, NO, NO, you didn’t. It is up to all of us to create the environment we want in life, in our neighborhoods, and for our children. If you are afraid, fight that fear and make that call, send that email, or talk to other neighbors as to what to do.


We are in a fight for our homes, our families and our community. Upper Darby is worth the fight. Highland Park is worth the fight. We are worth the fight. We are lucky that we have a police superintendent like Chitwood, who is willing to get out there to fight these criminals and luckier that our police force is fighting for us. Now let’s give them some back up. Make that call.112 westdale rd


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