How Donald Trump Hurts All Women When He Calls Megyn Kelly ‘Crazy’


Source: How Donald Trump Hurts All Women When He Calls Megyn Kelly ‘Crazy’

In the latest salvo in his ongoing war against Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump has repeatedly used the word “crazy” to describe the Fox News anchor. For many women—particularly those who are already fed up with Trump’s sexist, demeaning rhetoric—his insistence on attacking Kelly with that particular term is enough to drive a person, well, crazy.
To my ear, calling a woman crazy is a convenient way to suggest that men are sane and logical, while women are emotional and even hysterical. It is also a great strategy for dismissing an argument or a speaker—in other words, why should Trump have to answer Kelly’s often very pointed questions when she is clearly unstable?
The use of sexist language in the public sphere is poised to become a very big—and long overdue—issue in coming months. Trump’s gendered attacks on Kelly have been a steady drumbeat since the first time the two locked horns in the August GOP debate. If he does manage to land the Republican nomination, he may very well end up pitted against current Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. One can only imagine what kind misogynist verbal bombs he’ll drop then.
As we gird ourselves for the next seven months, I asked readers of The Broadsheet, Fortune’s newsletter on the world’s most powerful women, to weigh in. Were they bothered by Trump’s use of “crazy?” If so, why? Here’s a sampling of what they had to say:
“‘Crazy’ is an age-old way to undercut women. It’s classic Trump—I can’t rebut with data and facts so I will just lodge a character attack rooted in age-old biases. Some people (of either gender) may behave crazily, but from what I have Megyn Kelly has been the epitome of equipoise throughout this saga.” —Mary Egan

.“I would add this offense to a growing list of others, such as women comedians who ‘try too hard,’ women executives who are ‘too aggressive’, women—especially young women—in corporate environments who are ‘too nice,’ women professionals who spend ‘too much time on their career’ and not enough time on kids, finding a spouse, etc… you fill in the blank. —Lisa Magnuson

“‘Crazy’ doesn’t bother me much, especially coming from Donald Trump. But when a man says ‘let’s look at this logically’ or something similar, that can definitely rub me the wrong way. Suggesting women aren’t logical is just another way of saying women are too governed by feelings, and therefore don’t see facts.” —Kimberly Koch

“Crazy is a loaded word when describing women. Please add irrational, emotional, strident, and aggressive to the mix. They are all code words for ‘bitch.’ —Kendall Egan

“Considering that ‘histrionic personality disorder’ is still in the DSM-5, and that women in general are more likely to be diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and some other mental illnesses by clinicians, I’d say he’s stoking the flames of a much larger problem about how our society seems to view women—as having excessive emotional needs that need to nearly constantly be managed or controlled rather than taken seriously. To me, Trump’s danger isn’t that he says bigoted things. It’s that he makes bigoted ideologies appear, to his followers, more acceptable.” —Katie Toth
Donald Trump on the campaign trail
All responses have been edited for length and clarity.


    • That’s why I asked the question. Personally, Trump does it to anyone, call them names, when he doesn’t agree with them so I don’t think this makes it sexist.

  1. What is wrong with you? Has no one ever called you crazy or any name before? Guess what cupcake, people have the right to call anyone anything they want in America. If you’re a liar, then you’re going to be called a liar. If you’re crazy, then you’re going to be called crazy. And everyone knows that Megyn is a CRAZY TRUMP HATER like someone else is. Liberals!!!!! ALWAYS TRUMP!

    • You do know I only asked the question. I have been and continue to be a Trump supporter. So I hope you realize cupcake I was the messenger not the writer of the article.

  2. She is crazy and she is biased and I would watch her show if it was the last show on earth! Donald Trump loves women he just doesn’t like crazy lunatics but don’t know how to behave in a professional manner!

  3. This woman is seriously delusional! Apparently she can dish it out but she can’t take it! I have boycotted her show and will not watch when she is on any program! I hope Donald Trump will boycott any debate which she is a part of. She is biased, rude, and unprofessional! As far as I am concerned her career is over!

    • Tell me how she dished it out? Seriously what did she do but recite Trumps comments back to himself. Get a grip. I am voting for Trump but this ridiculous childish name calling needs to stop. Let’s actually act like adults

  4. explain how calling 1 crazy woman means that men are sane and woman in general are crazy. You have no valid argument here. I am a woman. I am vet. If I really thought that Donald Trump was a sexist I wouldn’t vote for him. I wouldn’t defend him. I believe you are hearing what you wish to her and I am sad for you and people like you. I don’t agree with you I agree with Mr. Trump Megyn Kelly is crazy, unprofessional and well shouldn’t be on television as she makes all woman look bad.

    • I think the writers were saying men in general use the term crazy against women in the workplace more than any other derogatory term. Too say all women look bad because you disagree with Kelly is insulting I think. So what she asked Trump a tough question. Now I am A TRUMP Supporter. This article was to show there are other opinions on Trump. Personally, Trump has more important things to deal with than this one news journalist

  5. Megan Kelly set the pace for this with the degrading questions in the first debate and she has continued to trash him and expects no repercussions? Grow up Megyn. I have never heard any other woman besides Kelly and O’Donnell have a problem with him. None of the thousands he employees. #WomenForTrump

  6. Enough with the PC crap! Do you seriously think that women are going to crumble and fall apart bc one man said another woman was “crazy”? Btw she totally is but I digress … You think feminist would up in arms about REAL THREATS such as THE NATION OF ISLAM per say …. Hmmmm? What about Shriah law? No? Why fight a battle that makes sense tho? So? Ladies? lol … You’re more concerned with Trump calling a woman crazy rather than women around the world getting raped, beaten, abused and killed for the sheer pleasure of a sick and demented ideology?
    I think you have your wires crossed wrong if that is what is more important at this time JS … Get a grip “ladies” lol …. Wow?

    • As a feminist, we do care about women being raped, beaten or treated less than human. It’s called human rights. Duh. As a feminist we can actually care about both how women are treated in this country in the workforce and how women are treated in other countries. Believe it or not, women are still second class citizens when it comes to our own countries pay scale. Feminists are up in arms. I am a feminist and I am voting for Trump but I hate how people put down a woman for doing her job

    • Okay I really have to ask, why? Because she asked Trump a hard question. I have been called a writer of Trump.propaganda, stupid and dim witted for supporting Trump. I will never understand the hatred towards Kelly. Big freaking deal. She’s a reporter who did her job. I write for a living and if I was called a bitch for doing my job, by women no less, I would wonder about what kind of people they are.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with a person calling someone crazy, when it is used as a slang word. We all reference some slang when speaking to others. I think that women take to much as a personal attack, when it isn’t even meant that way. If women want to be equal to men in the real world, then they need to get some thicker skin. You can be strong where needed and still be a very elegant lady. I think a lot of women just want something to bitch over. I have watch Megan Kelly when she has to report on Trump, and you can just see the look on her face changes to the look of hate or anger. She makes it very clear that she doesn’t like him. Then you also have to consider the part of the Country you come from. The women in the South to me seem to be more feminine and general voice in speaking. Women from the North seem to be more aggressive, not in a bad way just more in a competitive way. Men in the Nirth seem to be more aggressive than men in the South. The Southern Gentleman! I am a woman in my 60’S, Trump doesn’t bother me one bit. I have called Kelly much worse than crazy. I was raised in the ole South and married a man from the North. Lord I didn’t know what I had until I got use to the way he was raised. I say tell Kelly to get over it.

    Here we are about to loose this Country and you have women out there being offended. Give me a break. I am with Trump, we don’t have time to be politically correct. I trust him more than any of the others to save this Country. These offended women better pull up some boot straps, we may end up having to fight for our lives.

  8. HURT ALL WOMEN? Please don’t speak for all women. Millions of women know Trump is in no way anti women but quite the opposite. Megyn Kelly has been unprofessional and bias in her reporting. She has sided with Soro’s and black lives matter protestor over the Trump supporters just to dig more at Trump. Does the whole hour of anti Trump everyday for 9 months, and it is wrong and she has an agenda. She reported Fields was thrown to the ground when she was not. She was fired from Fox for lying. Yet Megyn said she saw the video and can confirm that Fields was being honest. She lied to us all and didn’t retract it.

    • Wow, you do know I didn’t write the article? Fields did not lie. She was pulled down not thrown but there was contact. Why is it anyone who has a different opinion biased or unprofessional? When I started writing pro-Trump news I was vilified by Anti-Trump people. Now I am vilified by Trump’s people for asking questions. I won’t ever drink the Kool aid for any candidate. Our country was founded on the belief that it’s citizens job is to question authority. When did that become repugnant?

  9. this is just someone trying to do there trash Trump Crap – Megyn Kelly deserves everything she gets. She has been on an Anti-Trump campaign forever. I hate her and FOX. She doesnt hurt any Women. Women Love Trump except for you Hillary Women. You love Hillary.

    • Me Hillary woman. Before you throw out bs charges you really should know what you’re talking about or you’ll end up looking like Megyn Kelly. I am a Trump supporter who left one job to create my own website to write pro Trump articles. I fought like hell to make sure there were other voices being heard besides what is called the liberal media. If Megyn Kelly is such a non factor why are you so mad? Now, I will say this again, I did Not write the article. Believe it or not there are various opinions in the world. To be a better human being or even a voter you should be aware of that. If you want to keep your head up your ass.then pretend there isn’t any other opinions in the world, God have mercy on you. Now. Grow up, and realize there are women who hate Trump. To beat the enemy you need to know the enemy.

    • You don’t have one shred of proof of what you’re saying. At least have a fact to back up your bs. As a writer I look and investigate both sides. You should try it. So I guess I can’t support Trump if I think it’s stupid you and Trump keep trashing Kelly? Please. The man has many good points that outweigh this ridiculous argument

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