“Should Merrick Garland be nominated again by the next president; I would be happy to carefully consider his nomination,” Senator Pat Toomey, (R-PA) on Twitter, March 16th, 2016

The President of the United States is elected to a four-year term. President Obama’s second term will not end until January 17th, 2017. Justice Anthony Scalia died on February 13th, 2016. The Supreme Court of the United States now sits one Justice short for all cases that will be heard for the next 10 months because Republicans have demanded that the next President be the one to pick a new Justice. The Constitution, which Senators, Congress members and the President swear to uphold, does not say, “Wait, we don’t this President, let’s not vote, meet or even talk to a nominee.” Yet in Pennsylvania that is exactly what Senator Toomey has done. Senator Toomey’s tweet said it all and it is not just Senator Toomey, no the Republican Party is holding our nation’s highest court and those they represent hostage while they wait to see who actually wins the national election in November. This from the party who is seeking to overthrow their front runner Donald Trump.

This Republican Party is so broken that two years ago. Senator Mitch McConnell vowed that the Republicans single most important priority would be to make sure that President Obama would be a failed President. Really? That has been their first priority. The infighting and the Republican establishment have failed miserably. Now they pick a battle that once again is painful to watch and anger is raising against the Republican machine that is insisting that they know best. Senator Toomey is not an exception. His stance is this, “He (Trump) believes all Pennsylvanians should have a voice, in whether to change the balance of the court,” according to the Senator’s spokesman E.R. Anderson. Unfortunately, the decision was made not to meet or speak to the nominee even before President Obama named Judge Merrick Garland as his nominee.

Before President Obama actually name Garland as this pick Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the longest serving Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested that President “[Obama] could easily name Merrick Garland, who is a fine man,” Hatch told the conservative news site Newsmax, before adding that “he probably won’t do that because this appointment is about the election. So I’m pretty sure he’ll name someone the [liberal Democratic base] wants.” Now that the President has called the Republicans bluff they seem mystified as to what to do next.  Elections are not just being held for the Office of the Presidency. Republicans should be reminded that their jobs are on the line and people, those who hold the power with their votes are tired of the inability of this party to get any work done.

The energy of the Republican Party is mislaid and the establishment of the Party shouldn’t be elected dog catcher. Those in the establishment are searching for answers as to why Donald Trump is so popular when all they really need to do is to look in the mirror. The prolonging of a hearing on whether Judge Merrick Garland should be seated on the Supreme Court is just the latest in insults to the American people by a party that has shown they are only consumed by their own egos.  Donald Trump is changing the face of the Republican Party and for so many of the voters it couldn’t happen soon enough.