Review,GORDON RAMSAY PUB & GRILL Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill, Caesars, Atlantic City


Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill, Caesars, Atlantic City

Chef Gordon Ramsey has infiltrated the United States airways showing fellow foodies what it takes to be a MasterChef. Ramsey has taken cooking competitions and turned up the heat by insisting on good food, clean kitchen and good customer service. Remember Amy’s Baking Company? The one restaurant that asked for help but the owners were not the type of people to listen to constructive criticism were the only business that Ramsey refused to help.

Gordon Ramsey’s name is front and center of his new Pub and Grill in Caesars’ Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City. According to the website for the restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen season 13 winner, La Tasha McCutchen, is head restaurant chef who joined the restaurant shortly after her winning episode aired in December 2014.

It is a beautiful restaurant that takes their cues from English pubs. The restaurant is light and airy on one end yet in another section it is a more closely resembled pub. The service was exceptional. The evening started with a list tempting drinks, beers and starters. This visit the patrons chose the MR. TIPPLES AU PEAR mixed drink. Tasty, refreshing the evening appeared to be starting off in a great manner. As a starter the calamari was chosen. Our server said of the food that it was a supercharged upgrade of your typical pub food. The calamari were just that. Fried perfectly, light, airy and served with lemon chips, fried kale and a malt vinegar malt, it was the highlight of the night. The calamari were also presented beautifully and were a delight.

There were three main courses which were Ramsey’s version of pub sandwiches. There was one true stand out of the three and that was the Dublin. The Dublin is Ramsey of the Reuben but, also very different. The sandwich consists of a pumpernickel boulehe which is then hulled and filled with the corn beef, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing and with Gruyere cheese. The sandwich is enormous and delicious. The pumpernickel is the perfect vessel for the corned beef as it is the highest quality. Using Gruyere cheese was also added great depth to the taste instead of the usual Swiss cheese.

Now this is where the dinners started to differ. The Pub Burger was a disaster, sorry to say. When you think of American pub food a great cheeseburger is a definite but sadly, Ramsey’s pub burger was lacking seasoning, was over cooked and there was talk that the burger tasted no better than Burger King Whopper. The addition of English sharp cheese was a lovely cheese but that was the only part of the burger that had any real taste. The pub burger was a disappointing and certainly not up to the standard that the name Gordon Ramsey brings to a restaurant.

The third opportunity for the evening to showcase the Gordon Ramsey definition of pub fair was the hot roast beef sandwich. Standard bar food but being at Gordon Ramsey’s the expectation of a bit more is just that, expectation. The sandwich is served with a watercress salad atop of the wonderful roast beef which is what may have been the problem. For some reason the sandwich appeared oily. The red wine gravy and the horseradish mayonnaise which was for lack of a better word, fine. Fine is not what you expect at Gordon Ramsey’s though.

There is a desert menu and we were assured that Gordon Ramsey’s mother’s cake was to die for but the pub had lost its charm and the evening was cut short. Here is the 3 S’s of Gordon Ramsey’s Pub and Grill in Atlantic City

Share it- the Calamari

Savor it- the Dublin

Skip it- the Pub Burger




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